Spend the day with biologists Dr. Don Hunter and Caroline Krumm learning about the mountain lion (Puma concolor), Colorado's top predator. Instructors will take students into the field for hands-on instruction on the tools and methods used in research and management.  In addition to an academic overview (in the classroom), students will receive practical instruction on how to “read” the signs left by mountain lions, while in the field.  After taking the course, students will be better equipped to gain an understanding of how the mountain lion fits into wild land and urban ecosystems, including its relationship with the people and communities of the Front Range.
Each day begins with lectures that cover mountain lion ecology, such as physical characteristics, habitat preferences, prey base, ecological niche, life history details, and human-lion interaction.  In the afternoon the class moves to Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, where we learn basic habitat characterization, prey identification, mountain lion movement, remote camera trapping, and radio telemetry.

Note:  Seminars include moderate hikes of less than 4 miles per day.

Our next seminar is with the Rocky Mountain Conservancy in Estes Park, August 19 & 20.  Visit here for more details and to sign-up.


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Mountain lion field seminars