Bobcats at play, captured by a CCC camera at Lory State Park.

Volunteers check a CCC camera in Bobcat Ridge Natural Area. 

Check out some of our best urban wildlife photos from our CCC project.

Cameras are set up at middle schools in the Poudre School District!

Communities, cameras & conservation:

Citizen Science in the rockies

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Wildlife conservation, from the top down

New Grants Bring CCC to Poudre Schools

Please join RMCC and our partners The National Science Foundation and Poudre School Foundation to help bring Communities, Cameras, and Conservation (CCC) to all schools in the Poudre School District. CCC is unique outdoor education and citizen science program that engages students and volunteers to monitor local wildlife through a network of remote cameras in nearby parks. CCC will give more than 10,000 students K-12 hands-on, outdoor opportunities to learn about research and wildlife conservation.  Please take a moment to make a special tax-deductible donation of $100, $250 or $500 or more so we can continue our important wildlife conservation education.  Donate here!


Communities, Cameras, and Conservation (CCC) grew from research on Front Range mountain lions into citizen science research that uses students and volunteers to monitor local wildlife through a network of remote cameras in nearby parks (network partners listed below).  Students and volunteers  help install and routinely check heat-motion activated camera traps which photograph local wildlife in their natural habitat.  Some like to call these photos "wildlife selfies."

Photo data helps researchers and park managers better understand the types of animals that live in an area, proximity to humans, and along with other cameras movement patterns.  The images may also help determine the size of animals and if they have young. These data and other photographs are helpful with gaining information such as the number of animals in an area, territories and overall health of our wildlife species. 

CCC Partners:

Poudre School District                            Colorado State University

Lory State Park                                         Front Range Community College

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery       City of Fort Collins Natural Areas

Larimer County Open Lands