Wildlife conservation, from the top down


From our region's top predator, the mountain lion, down to the black footed ferret, 
the Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy (RMCC) is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting wildlife in the Rocky Mountains ​through scientific research, community projects, and education initiatives. 

Despite the mountain lion being one of the top three predators in North America, along with the grizzly bear and wolf, surprisingly there have only been a few studies on this keystone species. With human-mountain lion encounters on the rise, there is much we don’t know about this elusive cat, especially along the urban-wildland interface. 

One thing is certain: the mountain lion and other wild cats face a future of ever decreasing wildlife habitat. RMCC was founded on the belief that a higher degree of coexistence can be achieved through proactive, strategic research, education and community involvement.


Communities, Cameras, and Conservation (CCC) 

Wild x Wild  

Field Seminars


Director, Caroline Krumm 

Science Adviser, Dr. Don Hunter  

Intern, Tory Wilson


Wildlife conservation, from the top down